Successful Hospital Photography #10

Shoot The Doctor’s Office

Physician’s practices are a huge part of the hospital business today. Many doctor’s practices ae owned by hospitals and healthcare systems. Marketing these practices requires images that depict the “personal touch” that occurs in the office setting. Most doctor’s offices are bustling  and the staff is usually on a hurried schedule. Providing photography in this setting can be complicated.

Most of the examining rooms are much smaller than a typical hospital patient room, making it difficult from a lighting standpoint and making it challenging from a creative standpoint.  Such small spaces limit  shooting angles, viewpoints and other technical considerations.

Instead of having your photographer moving from office to office, lugging his lights and stands from room to room, have the doctors and patients come to him. Block out the schedule for one of the examining rooms for the shoot and allow your photographer to set up his lighting in that room. Doctors and patients (or pretend patients) arrive at your “studio” for a quick shoot with little interruption to the flow of patient treatment. Doctors will appreciate the effort to minimize the interference to their working routine.

By scheduling the doctor for his “appointment,” he can arrive for his shoot and within minutes be back in his own examining rooms with his patients.

One of my clients uses this technique regularly and the shoots make “going to the doctor” a pleasant experience!

photography copyright 2011, Jim Lockman/Click!