Remember Yo-yos?

As I stood by my dad during the military salute for an old friend of his who had died, I was struck by how child like my dad is. His memory is about gone and he doesn’t remember people who have been important in his life.  A thrilling day for dad is picking up sticks and collecting napkins and straws at a restaurant.

Standing there, I remembered playing with tops and yo-yos  with my dad when I was young. My dad was an engineer and didn’t relate too well to children. He would  buy my brothers and I the latest toy and buy one for himself. He locked his toys in his desk drawer and they were always like new. We would gather at his desk where we would share a moment doing tricks with our yo-yos or pick up a spinning top by its string. A few minutes later, dad would lock his toys in his drawer, satisfied that he had spent quality time with us.

I was very rebellious as a teen and a number of years went by before we were very close.

Maybe I’ll buy my dad a yo-yo and see if he can learn to play with it. It’s hard to imaging my dad as a child.

Dan Miller, an author and business coach, posted a blog today about a stock analyst who quit his job because he wanted to get people interested in playing with yo-yos. Read Dan’s blog here. Imagine my surprise after the memories from yesterday.

Live your life with passion and spend quality time with loved ones while they still know who you are.