Celebrating 100 posts!

Well, I looked around the office to locate something representative of 100. I thought about candles, but it is not a birthday or anything. It’s just my one hundredth post. I needed something to illustrate a large number of items.

Ah, my desk lamp. It is full of old rolls of 35mm film. Maybe not 100, but enough to get the point across. I thought about posting words alone. Not! After all, shooting is what this blog is all about.

For twenty-seven months I have posted on this blog. Sometimes I have been diligent, even over-zealous. Other times I have put off posting as long as possible. It has been a learning experience. Constructing thoughts and arranging them into a readable format wasn’t a natural phenomena. I barely passed English.

Even though I have a great desire to be read, make lots of money from the blog, and acquire many new clients, I realized I produce this blog for me. It has helped me express myself in new ways, think about photos I have capturesd in a publishing light, and made me exercise photography to illustrate some of my monologues. It has been a great experience.

 When I look back over the blog posts, I still love them. Many are quite good! Hopefully, blogging will encourage greater photographic images in the future.

It is very significant that the image selected to illustrate this post was comprised of film, especially Kodak. Kodak brought us to the dance. They invented digital photography! And even though Kodak may not survive the bankruptcy they have brought upon themselves, they will always be remembered as the founders of photography, the pioneers of the evolution of picture-taking for over a hundred years, and as the company that made film that came in the little yellow box with red type. I won’t forget!

copyright 2012 Jim Lockman/Click