National Bird Feeding Month

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It’s complicated – part 4

St. John Bosco Children’s Home. Jamaica. Home to 150 boys, ages 3-16. Under the leadership of Sister Susan Frazer, St. Bosco provides love, discipline, training and care to boys who need a chance for a better life. Many are homeless, delinquent, or orphaned.  Providing a cocoon where kids can be transformed from failures to successful tradesmen in a challenging country where unemployment and crime are prevalent, the  Sisters of Mercy have risen to the challenge for over fifty years.

In addition to assistance from the Jamaican government,  grants and generous benefactors, St. Bosco generates income through programs such as farming, the piggery, raising chickens, a catering service, operating a butcher shop, and a host of other activities used for training in useful skills while providing income necessary to continue this valuable endeavor. 

St. John Bosco Children’s Home. Another way the Sisters of Mercy are working to make Jamaican life less complicated.

 Sister Susan begins chapel services with words of encouragement.


Worship is a vital ingredient in the lives of these young men.



Colors abound. Even the teachers enjoy colorful expression.



Chores are a vital part of the Bosco life and key to the survival of the mission.


Tasty pork prepared for purchase.

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