Imaginary “Go Fish”


Philip, Matt, and Nyla were playing Go Fish when they asked me to join them for a hand or two. I asked them to deal me my seven cards. It was then that I realized there were no cards. They really were playing “hands”! Each person was holding their hands cupped the same way they would be holding the cards, if there were any.

I took my place at the table and was promptly informed that it was Nyla’s turn. She asked for all of my “candles with strawberries on top”. I told her I had two and she replied that she now had three. She asked me for all of my “tulips” and I gave her my two. She proceeded to proclaim that she had a book and placed them on the table. It didn’t take Nyla long to figure out that making books was as easy as saying it is so.

When one of us realized we did not have a “light switch” or other imaginary type of card in our hand, we would yell out “Gold Fish!” which was Nyla’s own title for this familiar game.

I have to admit this game was one of the most unique and enjoyable pastimes I have experienced. Listening to Nyla engage her imagination along with the challenge of thinking up our own suits, was something I will not forget easily.

Give me all your GPS’s. Give me all your toilets. Give me all your Skittles. Give me all your fingernail clippers. It was as challenging as a Las Vegas poker game!

Matt had a book, Philip and I had three each, Nyla was ahead with four. After the next play, Nyla announced she had won and the game was over. She turned and flitted off, being quite happy with herself; having beat us at her favorite game.