They’re back!

They’re back. I love bird watching! I could sit for hours on my patio or screen porch and watch these little fellas eat me out of house and home. I love the way they pour through the seeds throwing many of them on the ground for the squirrels and ground feeding birds. They make a grand event out of bathing in my birdbaths. Ah, the simple life.

Bluebirds are so beautiful. and they are easy to attract. Buy some mealworms at the bird seed store and enjoy a spectacular sight.

Daddy bluebird is feeding mama while she prepares for the little ones.

Goldfinch are starting to get that bright yellow color that brightens up the backyard.

Cardinals are everywhere. It’s great to see the male and female chasing each other through the yard. I guess it is a mating ritual.

Every year we have two kinds of woodpeckers.

All friends are welcome to drop by, kick up your feet and enjoy the festivities.

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Celebrate life!

I get the biggest thrill each year when my Hostas break through the ground after being dormant through the winter. The Hostas and other deciduous plants seem to die each year but in the Spring they come back to life. It’s pretty amazing!

This week is Holy Week. We will be celebrating the Resurrection of the One who died for us and arose from the dead.

When you look around this week and see new life sprouting all around you, remember that new life is yours, too, because God raised Jesus to new life.

Celebrate life this week. Happy Easter!

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Making a difference

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I enjoy capturing images that make a difference. Sometimes photography, like any other business, boils down to making money. I do have to stay alive and support my wife, after all. Ideally, I shoot pictures because of my passion. But I still have to eat. Some photo assignments are pretty exciting. Others are enjoyable because of the people you meet and work with, but aren’t very exciting to shoot. Sometimes you are just going through the motions. I guess its true with any job.

I love to hear success stories that are a direct or indirect result of images I have created. Partially, it becomes justification for the prices I have to charge customers. Also, it feels good to know that you played a part in the increase in sales for a company, helped introduce a new product, shared a special event in someone’s life, or created an image that will be prized for a long time. When I am successful at taking a photograph of  someone that isn’t photogenic, a building that is ugly, or some subject I wouldn’t waste film on, and successfully bring those images to life, I am gratified.

Not every photograph is an award winner.  Not every job I shoot is exciting. But there are times when I capture an image that goes beyond the job and its purpose and has a life of its own. I live for those images!

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Of all tyrannies,

a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims

may be the most oppressive.

It would be better to live under robber barons

than under omnipotent moral busybodies.

The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep,

his cupidity may at some point be satiated;

but those who torment us for our own good

will torment us without end

for they do so with the approval

of their own conscience.

C. S. Lewis