Photo Thought #1

I’m not going to call these Photo Tips. Instead they are thoughts I have been writing down over the last few days.

Photo thought #1.

If you don’t have your camera, you won’t get any pictures!

I know it sounds stupid, but if you are going to create photos that make you proud, you will have to shoot  many images and shoot often.

My daughter is learning photography, hoping to shoot baby pictures to make some money while she stays at home with her little ones.  She regularly asks me what she can do to improve her images. Over the years many people have asked me how to get better pictures, usually looking for some great tips and techniques to make their photos more exciting or even award winning.

My answer is always the same. Shoot more pictures!

Most amateurs shoot very few images at an event or on a trip. Many times their cameras are sitting in the closet with last years Christmas pictures still on the camera. With the development of digital imaging, there is no reason to hold back on shooting. Film cost is no longer a factor and images are easily edited in the camera and inferior shots deleted at will.

Shoot away! Over shoot every event or photo op. Did you know that many times a subject will have a much better expression right after you have pulled the trigger on your camera? Shoot a second shot. Or a third!

I am as guilty as anyone of not having my camera with me when an opportunity arises. Don’t make that mistake. Have a camera with you and be ready to shoot.

The more time you spend shooting pictures, the more your eye will see (creativity), the better your technique will be (quality) and the resulting  photos will make you proud.

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Flowers in the Sky

Picking out a favorite fireworks shot is like picking out a favorite flower. Flowers are beautiful. They are different and unique. Well, here are some of my flowers in the sky. Jim

Pomp and Parade

John Adams’ famous letter of July 3, 1776, in which he wrote to his wife Abigail what his thoughts were about celebrating the Fourth of July is found on various web sites but is usually incorrectly quoted. Following is the exact text from his letter with his original spellings:

“The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more. You will think me transported with Enthusiasm but I am not. I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays of ravishing Light and Glory. I can see that the End is more than worth all the Means. And that Posterity will tryumph in that Days Transaction, even altho We should rue it, which I trust in God We shall not.”

Let the Party begin!

Photos copyright 2010 Jim Lockman/Click!

Was Adams right? Is freedom something worth our best celebration or is the fourth of July just another holiday?

Thank you, Garrison.

One of my favorite quotations comes from Garrison Keillor. “Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.” Garrison  sells a glass paperweight with the quote inscribed. It is a popular gift with parents showing gratitude to their children’s teachers at the end of the school year.

The quote is meaningful to my wife and I because we have raised two children and have experienced the joys and challenges of molding, shaping and influencing their lives.

Now as grandparents we realize even more  how important these influences are as we watch our daughter and son-in-law raise two daughters of their own, and watch our son share the responsibilities and difficulties of raising his son in a divided household.

Grateful for the extremely valuable compassion and nurturing given to our grandson last year, we gave his pre-school teacher the glass block.

Last Christmas I gave my wife a large framed photograph my daughter made of  the grandchildren with the quote included. She has poured so much of her life into these kids and spent endless hours creating a consistent, loving environment for our grandson.

Once again we were thrilled with the love and care our grandson received this year at pre-school. We gave his teacher a t-shirt with his photo and the quote.

It is almost as though this verse has been etched into our hearts!

The full quotation is:

“Nothing you do for children is ever wasted. They seem not to notice us, hovering, averting our eyes, and they seldom offer thanks, but what we do for them is never wasted.”