Taking off the Blinders

Keith, Dorothy, Douglas, Jimmy, & Billy Lockman

Becoming a fan of my new favorite program “Duck Dynasty” has caused me to reminisce about parts of my early childhood. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve always been pretty much a city slicker. I’ve lived in Greensboro or Charlotte all of my life. But my parents, on the other hand are from Chesnee, S.C. and Landrum, S.C. in Spartanburg County. Neighboring towns include Inman, Campobello, Cowpens, Mayo, and Gaffney. Basically, this is country at its best.

Ruby Lockman

I just finished watching three episodes of D.D. I’m psyched and ready to tell all about my past. There aren’t that many stories of interest from my visits to backwoods South Carolina. Most of my memorable experiences are a result of  spending time with my family at holiday time.

The Chesnee crowd included my grandparents, Charles and Ruby Lockman, Aunt Freida, cousins David, Marsha, and Diane.

On my mom’s side was Brodus, and Virginia Henderson, five aunts along with four uncles, and eight cousins. All of them living near Landrum except for my Aunt Verle who  escaped to New Orleans.

Our tribe of five, my parents and three boys invaded this backward environment. From my viewpoint, this was a very different land. I remember thinking that living there would be unimaginable and extremely boring. We enjoyed our visits, but were also anxious to return to our busy, crowded lives in the big city.

Years passed before I realized the more simplistic life my family experienced had a deeper dimension than I ever realized. The rat race of city life lacked the beauty and simplicity of rural life and the experiences that were worth treasuring.

After my mom and dad sold their place on Lake Norman and moved to Chesnee, my grandmother passed away. At the funeral, my Aunt Freida wrapped her loving arms around me and said, “someday you will be glad your parents moved back to Chesnee to live in your dad’s old home!” Maybe someday she will be right.

My grandparent’s home in Chesnee, S.C. Dorothy Lockman lives there today.