The fifteenth of April is a special date for Barbara and me. This year we celebrated our thirty-sixth year of bliss or at least something close to that. I really didn’t have funds available for any elaborate trip or anything with bling, so I decided to express my creativity and create a one-of-a-kind gift that would make a lasting impression. I like to utilize my favorite resources; my photography.  Duh!

I remembered some roses I had photographed while I was shooting an apartment complex for a construction company client. After locating the appropriate image in my vast collection, I decided to write a poem and insert it into the picture. My writing has improved over the years, but a poet I am not! Being married to a writer doesn’t help much either.

I decided to create a sample of versification that could only be attributed to me, hoping that my lame attempt would be appreciated for the affection it represented.

Doodling instead of listening to Sunday’s sermon, I was able to forge my attempt to convey the sentiment. Assembling the elements including a custom matte and frame, I was pleased with the result. Yea, Photoshop!

Barb annniversary


Next time you are looking for an idea to express love for someone special, and you have overcome any fear of humiliation, write a poem!


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