This summer has been brutal! Even with our attempts to water regularly, our yard has screamed for relief of its scorched, cracked desert-like terrain. Our vegetable plants have almost perished (the ones the deer and rabbits have not eaten) and the perennials are looking forward to dormancy.

The only bright spot this season is a perennial hibiscus, Lord Baltimore. Every year its ten-inch blossoms bring daily delight  to our meager efforts for a beautiful garden. But only for a short duration. Each blossom only lasts one day and there is no predicting whether there will be single or multiple blooms on a particular day. Finally, this breathtaking display only lasts a couple of weeks.

But when it’s time to exhibit its clusters, Lord Baltimore puts on a performance not easily forgotten. Its bright red blossoms entertain like no other. And this year “he” has brought life, beauty, and refreshing to an otherwise dry and dismal landscape.


This photo was the closest we came to fireworks this Fourth of July!

Hibiscus #1

Three more from previous years.

Hibiscus #16

Hibiscus #4

Copyright 2015 Jim Lockman/Click!


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