CLK_5360Brenden Lockman with his new cousin, Nolan Cagle




Brenden had his first encounter with his new cousin, Nolan, yesterday. He seemed quite tickled to hold this little baby. They will grow up to be great pals.

Brenden James is Philip’s son and shares my name. Nolan Matthew belongs to Arden and shares his dad’s name. There is something special about carrying on the family name. Brenden and my brother’s son, Benjamin are carrying the Lockman name to the next generation, just as Nolan will carry the Cagle name forward.

Being the oldest cousin is special and Brenden will become a great role model. His tender heart and zest for life are early indications of the kind of man he will be and the close friend he will be to his cousin.

Watching the grandchildren grow up and form bonds of love is a privilege for Barbara and I. What a blessing to see such fruit in the lives of our children.

All photographs copyright 2014 Jim Lockman/Click!

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