My daughter, Arden, had her third child this morning. Finally, she had a boy. Well, I’ve got to say the two girls that arrived previously are the apples of my eye. They love their “Poppie” and quite frankly it’s more than reciprocal for me. These two are smart and beautiful, and they love life and their family immensely. We thought she might have another girl. With two wonderful girls already, we knew it would be great. But there was always a curiosity about having a son. The girls just assumed their sibling would be a girl and made that their preference.

Continuing the tradition of letting God surprise with the gender, Arden, Matt, and the girls walked through nine months together in anticipation.

Finally, today arrived. Nolan was born. And the sister who was the most apprehensive about this new addition, climbed on her mother and exclaimed, “Mommy, the baby is a brother!”








All photographs copyright 2014 Jim Lockman/Click!

One thought on “Sisters Meet Their New Brother

  1. Fantastic candid moments!! They are all beautiful!! Congratulations to you and Barbara on your new grandson! I haven’t seen pics of you and Barbara holding him yet!


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