CLK_8801Stoney enjoying the recent snow showers

Over the past few weeks, Facebook has been inundated with stories, videos, and photos of dogs and cats. There have been videos of dogs stealing lunches, dogs impersonating people, cats trying to jump, dogs sleeping with infants, to name a few. People love their pets! Our fury ones help us escape from the realities of life. They add a bit of good news in the midst of posts about economic failure, political debates, and other depressing news of the day. They interrupt the constant flow of restaurant food shots, and threads of well-wishers for the latest FB birthday celebration.

Not to be outdone by Facebookers with whom I have connections, I find it imperative to throw in the towel and brag about the most superior example of “man’s best friend” living today! Over the years, I have had the privilege to live with a number of four-legged friends including a Beagle, Boxer, three Old English Sheep Dogs, and a Golden Retriever. But the “tail-wager” that has impacted my world unlike any other is “Stoney”.

After the death of Topper, our first Golden, Stoney came to reside at our humble abode. Unlike any canine who was ever a part of my life, Stoney’s uniqueness is unfathomable. Realizing that most folks think highest of their own pet, in this case it is completely justified. Uniqueness is written all over this four-legged specimen of perfection.

Beginning with his outward appearance, his grayish coloring baffles owners of the most pedigreed Goldens. Not only is this fur ball a delight to the eye, but grooming is hardly a chore with his silky smooth coat of hair. Never have I owned a pet requiring less to maintain a perfect appearance. While most of my friends struggle with the high price of pet food, Stoney requires very little to sustain his healthy demeanor. Sometimes it seems that he doesn’t eat at all!

I could go on for days with accolades and reasons I love Stoney, but let me just itemize a few of his stellar qualities.

Lovable – Stoney is always ready to show love to our family and friends. He doesn’t mind the grandkids climbing all over him and actually seems to enjoy regular roughhousing. Never a growl or a bite, Stoney is always ready to welcome our guests.

Charitable – Always with flowers or a basket in his mouth, Stoney’s desire to please is his trademark throughout the neighborhood. His visible friendliness could almost be mistaken for yard decoration.

Peaceful – Not prone to annoying barking, rarely a peep is heard from this carefree yard darling. Sometimes I long to hear a little whimper or a loud cry when strangers invade our domain.

Faithfulness – Stoney is always there for us. Whenever I pull into the driveway after a trip, most likely Stoney will be waiting to greet me. Rarely have I journeyed from our yard that Stoney wasn’t sitting in his spot anxious for my return.

Obedience – Never have I had a pet as obedient as this one. If I say “stay”, there is never a disagreement or rebellious response. Stoney will not move until a new command is given. Even without any obedience training, this dog comprehends who is his master!

Consistency – Whether it is guarding our house from intruders, watching for our return from a trip, playing with the grand-children when they visit, or just being there as a faithful member of our family, Stoney is always consistent. He hasn’t changed his demeanor and is constant in all his activities.

I could go on and on, but suffice to say Stoney is the best friend I have ever had!

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