CL2_0035Almost every day a friend, relative, or business associates pops up at the top of my Facebook feed. It’s their birthday and quite frankly if it wasn’t for this mini billboard announcement, I wouldn’t have a clue this was such a special day. Staying on top of these special moments of friends and family has never been my strong suit. Hooray for Facebook!

Most mornings I respond pretty well to the birthday notice. It’s not that complicated. Happy birthday, XXXXXXX. Happy birthday, dear! Hope your birthday is great! You’re sixty. Kidding, right? It only takes a moment to show respect to a loved one or even someone you barely know.

But the thing that always grabs and amazes me are the posts at the end of the day by the celebrated recipient of so many well-wishes. Most express gratitude for such an outpouring of love and seem overwhelmed by the responses. With the busy lives we live, it is amazing what an impact a few moments of kindness can have on a person’s daily experience. It has an impact on us as well. There’s something gratifying about seeing a friend experience happiness.CL2_0046

Sadly, moments are fleeting. Birthdays, deaths, and other momentous occasions in our lives battle to be noticed in the demanding world of work and responsibility. Sometimes it is difficult to stop and “smell the roses”!

As I checked my email before heading for sleep time right after midnight, I was struck by a birthday wish from a night owl in South Carolina. By the time I had spent this leisurely morning of coffee, newspaper, birds outside my screened porch, and a visit by little granddaughter, Nyla, I had received over twenty-five notices from Facebook well-wishers.

It does have an impact! A small token of love overwhelms even the least significant occasions in life.

Twenty-eight birthday wishes by noon. Not bad for an old guy!

Thank you, FB.


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