Overshoot your Assignments 

 When shooting photos for an ad or a specific usage, the photographer will use his expertise to zero in on the shooting angle, composition, and the best rendition of the topic being covered. After getting a basic approval, most of the photos will be variations of this basic set-up.

After you have captured the image you are desiring, encourage the photographer to create additional variations or “looks” for this assignment. Vary the staff and other persons in the photo. Change viewpoints, composition and even locations to achieve very different images of the same subject.

You may have other needs or requests for photographs from this shoot. Having a variety of images will make the assignment meet additional needs and keep the primary image’s impact from being diluted from overexposure. It doesn’t take much additional time to get a few more photographs that could be used as other needs arise. Sometimes that “other view” ends up being the preferred image from the assignment after all.

Overshoot! You will be building your “stock” file and may actually save some time in the long run.

Photos copyright 2011 Jim Lockman/Click!


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