Hire a Photographer with Great People Skills


We talked about this a little in the first session on “Hiring a Photographer”. Successful hospital photography involves more than making people smile.

The healthcare environment is complex. Doctors and hospital staff are involved in life-saving endeavors. Even before a photographer snaps an image of a patient in a hospital bed, he has encountered personnel who may or may not be interested or involved in what he wants to accomplish. Sensitivity to the care being delivered is an important ingredient in the recipe for photo success. A photographer with good people skills will help those involved in patient care by communicating his needs without interfering with theirs.

“Making people smile” does come into play. A successful photographer knows how to engage people. He has the ability to quickly interact and get people comfortable with the idea of being photographed, helping to ease the anxiety many people have about having their picture made. Part of the challenge is to get people to imagine themselves in the particular situation the photo demands. With models the task is easier, but with the current emphasis on “reality” more and more hospitals are telling the story with real patients and doctors. The photographer’s challenge is to bring out the personality of those he is photographing. Quickly.

Your photographer should provide images that have that extra “glow”.

The recipe for photo success includes sensitivity, a sense of humor, an engaging persona and an ability to bring out the best of someone’s personality in a short span of time. Look for strong people skills when you hire your next photographer.

Photos copyright 2011 Jim Lockman/Click!


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