Schedule Some Wandering Around Time

While it is important to schedule photography work and keep on schedule, there are a lot of potentially dramatic photo possibilities all around. Encourage your photographer to look for interesting photos as you are moving from set to set or while you are waiting for a doctor or other staff person to get ready for their shot. These photographs may not be needed for the assignment, but these candid captures could be used for many other needs that arise. Often a brochure, website or other printed piece has a space where a generic photo will fit the bill.

Create a collection of photos throughout the hospital that can become “stock” for needs that arise. Generic healthcare photos are requested regularly by chambers of commerce, government agencies and others looking for  images depicting activities in the community. Photographers, especially those with a bent toward photojournalism, will welcome the opportunity to discreetly capture images of the activities surrounding them. Be sensitive to those in the crosshairs of a telephoto lens by informing them of your photographer’s task and don’t forget to get releases when necessary.

Many of the day-to-day activities in a hospital are rarely captured  in photographs. By wandering around during a photo assignment, your photographer can provide images that portray the dynamics of healthcare with a more candid feel. These images can be much more effective than  posing a couple in the hallway or pretending a nurse is sharing a chart with another staffer.

Photos copyright 2011 Jim Lockman/Click!


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