Gang Photo Needs For A More Efficient Shoot


Many of my healthcare shoots are for an ad or a single use project.

With a little forethought or planning, the hospital can get a lot more “bang for the buck”. Whether it is shooting some generic photos for stock, taking pictures a department has been requesting or doubling up on projects that need to be photographed, you can usually get a better price when extending the shoot to cover additional needs.

I had a client that did this regularly. Not having the budget to bring me in for a shoot, she would contact different departments and see if they had any photo needs. She was able to hire me for a day and get other budgets to cover some of my expenses.

Even if a photographer is charging by the shot rather than a half or full day rate, you can usually get a deal on the additional photos. After all, the photographer is already there. It is to his advantage to increase the amount of his sale with very little extra expense for him.

Keep a list of those photo needs you never get around to shooting. Let your hospital staff know you can get them some shots if they can be flexible on the timing.

Thinking ahead will allow you to get more value from your next photographic venture.


 All photos copyright 2011 Jim Lockman/Click!


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