Barb and I had just sat down to watch television. We were in the family room with the back door open to the screened porch. Suddenly, we heard owls who, who, whoing and it seemed they were very close to the house.

In a maple tree in the backyard about twenty feet from the house and about twenty feet high were two large owls screaming for a little attention. Barbara went to the door to watch and I went for the Nikon. When I returned one flew away, but the other was content to allow a few snaps.

The lighting wasn’t great, but the owl didn’t seem to mind the sound of the motor drive. After about thirty images, I decided to take a chance and return inside to get a flash. My feathered friend didn’t seem intimidated at all by the bright light from the flash as a I proceeded to capture this magnificent creature.

Finally, he flew off and joined his mate on a limb in the neighbor’s yard. I attempted to shoot a flash photo from about forty yards and was surprised to get a decent record of the occasion. We even saw them kiss!

Thanks to some plug-in filters, I was able to enhance the photos and give them a little color instead the existing flat, dreary lighting of nighttime approaching..

All photos copyright 2011 Jim Lockman/Click!


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