copyright 2011 Jim Lockman/Click!

1) It’s free! There is no charge to receive Jim’s Blog. My blog lacks the distractions of advertising and other clutter.

2) Delivered to you by email. The moment the blog is posted, an email is immediately sent to your mailbox.

3) Tag line says it all. “The world as I see it.” Jim’s blog is primarily a visual presentation peppered with insightful writing about photography, business and personal experiences.

4) For friends and family. In a world that is busier than we would like, my blog is a way to stay in touch and share a part of my life.

5) For clients of Click! My blog is an effort to share the latest photography, techniques, and tips with my varied clientele. Staying in touch with customers is a primary focus.

6) Assignment photography. Many of the blogs are planned to illustrate a particular thought or topic as if an assignment had been made. Only one of the photos in the over sixty posts has not been my work.

7) Doesn’t rely on Facebook. Many of my FB friends have a large number of people friended, making it difficult to see all of the posts to their status listings.With a subscription, my blog doesn’t get lost in the sea of FB posts.

8) Simple photo tips and techniques. When I produce a blog about photography, every effort is made to encourage others with basic principles.

9) Photos of Brenden, Natalie and Nyla. With your subscription you get to see the latest pictures of my grandchildren.

10) Subscribing is easy. Enter your email and you will receive my blog whenever I post.



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