Photos by Jim Lockman/Click! copyright 2011

I woke up yesterday to a blanket of fresh fallen snow with plenty more to come. After spending the morning hearing the news broadcasts warning me not to venture out into the treacherous roadways, I called my granddaughter, Natalie, to announce we were on our way to her house for some lunch, snow cream and backyard sledding.

Our son-in-law wasn’t feeling well and our daughter was in the middle of a major bedroom cleaning project.

Our grandchildren were needing recreation. This is a job for Super MomMom and Super Poppie! “Here we come to save the day, that means that Super MomMom and Super Poppie are on their way!” (apologizes to Mighty Mouse)

When we arrived, Arden had prepared a wonderful soup and tasty panninis. After filling and warming our bodies, it was time for some serious sweetening. Poppie and Natalie bundled up , grabbed the biggest bowl we could find with two giant spoons, and proceeded to scoop the surface of the freshly fallen snow. It was a dry snow and would make great snow cream.

Back inside Poppie prepared the time tested recipe of milk, vanilla flavoring, sugar and snow. The only change would be the addition of almond milk for a portion of the milk requirement. (Love that stuff!)

After a couple of bowls of snow cream and feeling pretty proud of myself, we were ready to venture out into the wild backyard. We were all bundled up  (I had four pairs of socks!) and even little Nyla was ready to trek into the blizzard.

It was great fun sledding down the massive ten foot drop at the rear of our children’s property. You would have thought it was quite a long trip down with all the squeeling and excitement taking place.MomMom was a sport, taking the main job of entertaining both grandkids.  Since Poppie’s main job was to capture the event for posterity, I’ll let the photos do the talking. Even Nyla thought this was a great sport!


One thought on “Labor of Love

  1. Your pictures are incredible!! Of course, you had beautiful models. It was hard to tell who was having the most fun sledding, Barbara or Natalie. Boy, does Natalie look just like her Mom or what!!! Beautiful girls!!! Nyla is just precious!! Thanks for sharing your window into your life with me. Love you all!! Blessings for you and yours!!!

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