Thanks to Harry Hoover who introduced me to Bacon Day.

Bacon Day is the Saturday before Labor Day every year. Who knew? But every day is Bacon Day!

Bacon has gained in popularity, even though I think most people have always loved it.  Products have been developed using bacon as an ingredient and merchants have gone crazy creating bacon iconic things to buy.

Ever wonder how bacon is made. Watch this. Boston had a bacon eating contest.

Bacon flavored foods are popping up everywhere. There is bacon flavored salt, baconaise, and bacon-ranch dip mixBacon Freak carries a number of bacon flavored products including maple bacon lollipops, bacon pancakes, bacon jerky, gummy bacon, and even bacon hot sauce.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat is the leader in providing  decadent chocolate and bacon deserts including their Bacon Caramel Toffee. Try their Flying Chocolate Pig. Coca Cola is even testing Diet Coke with bacon!

You can even find Bacon Pop popcorn,  bacon coffee, bacon gumballs, and even bacon flavored vodka, Bakon! After you’ve finished your eating , floss your teeth with Bacon Floss, freshen your breath with Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Mints ,  remove stubborn bacon bits with bacon flavored toothpicks, and add a little Bacon Balm to your lips.

So clean up yourself with bacon soap, put on your bacon shirt, fasten your bacon belt, and for those special occasions tie your bacon tie, wear your bacon shoes or glide on your bacon scateboard, take care of your boo boos with bacon bandages, check out the time with your bacon watch, and grab your bacon lunchbox and head over to a friends house to play  Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure Board Game.

Oh, and don’t forget to mail your letter using  bacon envelopes and download your pictures using your bacon USB flash drive.

Buying all these porky treats is going to require getting your dough out of your bacon wallet.

Saving the best for last, have yourself a RC Cola and a Bacon Moon Pie!

After that, all I can say is “go ahead and pig out!”


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