Well, I’ve finally realized how to solve the problem I was having with Monday Musings being posted on Thursday, Tuesday or any other day for that matter. From now on if there are not enough stories for Monday, there will be no musings! Wasn’t that easy?

This is almost too gross to post. Over the past couple of years, I have encouraged people to google “Walmart Bingo” to see samples of Bingo cards with outragious items occupying the card spaces. Today, I found a site that has many (an understatement) photos, videos and stories from Walmart stores. If you have some free time and if you must, check out www.peopleofwalmart.com. You will be among the five million people who visit the site each day. Web ad sales, anyone?

If you are a beginning blogger or thinking of blogging, “What makes you a blogger people love?” will give you some tips.

For Nikon lovers, Terry White posts, Nikon Breaks Out with a D3100 and it’s So Close To What I Want!

Having written 12 best selling books, author Seth Godin posts about leaving traditional publishing behind. Read here.

Joe Farace guesthosts for Photofocus on the subject of “Winning Photo Contests.”

Scott Bourne says, “Perfect practice makes perfect!” when shooting photographs.

Book a shoot during your next boring planning meeting.

And finally, Dan Miller has some insight on making money in “Hourly work will keep you poor.”

Copyright Jim Lockman/Click! 2010

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