Because I posted my “Monday Musings” so late last week, it was difficult finding blogs, etcetera that were worthy of being included this week.

One of my favorite blogs comes from Seth Godin. Seth has a way of getting into my head and making me think about marketing and life a little differently. Having authored over fifteen books, Seth has reached a large number of people with his unique viewpoints on marketing. “The places you go” is one such blog worth  a reading.

Scott Bourne once again helps us look at photography beyond technique in “Five More Steps to the Perfect Photo.”

My favorite duck takes a jab at the lack of customer service available today in WTD 496.

For you Nikon fans, a blog I recently subscribed to keeps up with new “Nikon Rumors” of products being developed or released.

In a blog called “Going Pro” is a You Tube video from a Kodak ad campaign from 2005. Brought a tear to this photographer’s eye.

Finally, a post from a blog in February from the author of “Dilbert,” Scott Adams. You guys will relate!


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