copyright Jim Lockman/Click! 2010

I read a lot of blogs. I’m looking for new ideas all the time, whether for photography or for some way to capitalize on the internet or social media. Also, most blogs are short and to the point. My type of reading.

One blog I peruse regularly is “Outspoken Media” and they have a weekly blog “Weekend coffee links.” They use this blog to share things of interest from the news or other blogs. Hopefully, on a more timely basis, I will be sharing blogs that I have found interesting through a blog I am calling “Monday Musings.” Blogs that I find helpful or amusing will find their way to this weekly lazy blogging outlet. I will be featuring photo tips from some of the photo blogging gurus that I subscribe to regularly.

Here goes:

For my guy friends that need some PT. Man cave.

For the love of photography, by Chase Jarvis.

Do you have any bad ideas? by author of “48 Days To The Job You Love.”

“Five things you could do in six hours to become a better photographer,” by Scott Bourne.

When making pictures, keep this in mind, by Rick Sammon.


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