I’m not going to call these Photo Tips. Instead they are thoughts I have been writing down over the last few days.

Photo thought #1.

If you don’t have your camera, you won’t get any pictures!

I know it sounds stupid, but if you are going to create photos that make you proud, you will have to shoot  many images and shoot often.

My daughter is learning photography, hoping to shoot baby pictures to make some money while she stays at home with her little ones.  She regularly asks me what she can do to improve her images. Over the years many people have asked me how to get better pictures, usually looking for some great tips and techniques to make their photos more exciting or even award winning.

My answer is always the same. Shoot more pictures!

Most amateurs shoot very few images at an event or on a trip. Many times their cameras are sitting in the closet with last years Christmas pictures still on the camera. With the development of digital imaging, there is no reason to hold back on shooting. Film cost is no longer a factor and images are easily edited in the camera and inferior shots deleted at will.

Shoot away! Over shoot every event or photo op. Did you know that many times a subject will have a much better expression right after you have pulled the trigger on your camera? Shoot a second shot. Or a third!

I am as guilty as anyone of not having my camera with me when an opportunity arises. Don’t make that mistake. Have a camera with you and be ready to shoot.

The more time you spend shooting pictures, the more your eye will see (creativity), the better your technique will be (quality) and the resulting  photos will make you proud.

copyright 2010 Jim Lockman/Click!

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