copyright 2010 Jim Lockman/Click!

“The thrill of victory! The agony of defeat!” For many years I heard those words made famous by Jim McKay and ABC’s Wide World of Sports. What a dichotomy!

I love the Olympics! I hate the Olympics!

There is nothing more exciting and exhilarating than watching men and women who have trained almost non-stop for four years, competing in sporting events, many of which are over in a matter of minutes.

The dedication required for such achievement depresses me! When I see all of the discipline and focus required to compete at this level, I realize nothing in my life has received that kind of attention. I have been dedicated to many people and things in my lifetime, including my family, friends, photography and my relationship with God. But sometimes I don’t show up or take a break from my responsibilities even if it is for a short period. I don’t always give my best to things I deem important in my life. Olympians don’t have that luxury.

NBC has done an exemplary job covering the Olympics. They have boiled down hours and hours of events at many different locations to cover the most popular competitions. They seem to get better at this each time the Olympics occur.

What about the competition I want to see? And what if figure skating makes me nauseous? With all the technology available today and cable’s ability to carry many signals at one time, why can’t I push a button on my remote and watch the event I enjoy. Go curling! I might even be interested in paying a surcharge for the ability to watch the specific competitions I desire on my time schedule.

Watching America do so well in this Olympics has been exciting! Canada has been a gracious host. It seems like going over to visit a cousin or a next door neighbor. NBC has provided detailed background information on each athlete and has done an excellent job of reporting the personal drama associated with each participant.

We cried with Joannie Rochette after she completed her routine, remembering the sudden loss of her mother. We held our breaths as the skiers stood once again after terrible falls on the alpine course. We were tremendously sad when speedskater Sven Kramer of the Netherlands made a careless mistake and threw away an Olympic gold medal. And the death of Georgia’s entry in the luge competition made me want to cancel the Olympics and rethink the dangers involved in some of these sports.

copyright 2010 Arden Cagle/Click!

From a photographer’s perspective, watching the Olympics has been spectacular. Add to that the still images that are in magazines and on the internet. If you Google “Olympic photos 2010” you will find many sites with photo albums including NBC’s site and “The Los Angeles Times”, to name a few. One of my favorite events to watch is the “ski jumping.” For a few moments these men and women seem to be gliding through the air like a bird. Media coverage has been so dramatic with great camera angles, backlighting and rich blue skies. But the most dramatic photos I’ve seen so far are ski cross and downhill slalom.

Dmitry Lovetsky / Associated Press / February 23, 2010

But I still hate it! Those photos should have been mine!


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