copyright 2010 Jim Lockman/Click!

Check out the “pretty coffee foam art” as you get your day started.

For those of you into your lawn, get your pre-emergent spread on your yard soon. By the time you see Forsythia or  other growth, seeds have germinated. Trust me!

Here’s a tip for planting seed, fertilizing or adding other product to your lawn. A perfect time to work  on your lawn is right before or after snow arrives. As the snow melts, your lawn is gently watered and you will not need to worry as much about your seed “washing away.” Be careful if you have ice on top of the snow. The birds will have a heyday if you make seeds easy for them to get.

Sugar snap peas! They are so sweet and tasty. And easy to grow! You should plant sugar snap peas in January or February. Planted later, they will burn during the warmer weather. They are easy to plant. Spread according to directions and push them about half an inch into the soil. If you don’t have a garden spot, you can plant them in a “pot” in a place that gets mostly sun during the day. Position a few sticks or other trellis material around the seeds so they can climb up as they grow. Sugar snap peas are great for salads, stir fry or just eating as a snack. You will find that only a few actually make it to the kitchen!

It’s time to clean out your birdhouses. Bluebirds, chickadees, wrens and other birds will be looking for a “family retreat” very soon. Dust off your binoculars and prepare for a wonderful time watching birds raise their families. Bird watching is very relaxing and it’s exciting to see these creatures working hard to provide for their family. If you want to see bluebirds in your yard , buy “mealworms” at your bird feeding store or online, and begin to place a handful out regularly for the birds to enjoy. They are very people friendly and will allow you to stand fairly close to them while they are gathering worms. You may have to scare away the robins who will eat you out of house and home.

Don’t forget to fill your bird feeders, especially during cold and inclement weather. Your efforts will result in many birds dropping in for a visit and coming back for more.

copyright 2010 Jim Lockman/Click!

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