I’m not going to lie to you. I’m posting this blog to get rich!

There are many blogs that exist solely for fun and entertainment. That approach is not wrong. In fact,  blogs are an easy method to voice a concern, share knowledge about a subject, or just communicate with an intended audience.

My original concept for blogging was to dialog about photography and share tips and experiences I have learned over the years. Who knows what my blog may become? Maybe I will end up with multiple blogs covering different subjects. I could have a photo blog, a business blog, a political type blog, or a blog on  spiritual matters. Maybe there will be five different blogs posting once a week or maybe numerous hours will be spent posting blogs each day. Or maybe this blog will evolve into a masterpiece that will set the “blogging world” on fire. Until then, I am in experimental mode. Each day I wake up wondering, “what will I say today?”

Taking pictures for over thirty years has provided plenty of experience in shooting, equipment selection and technique, dealing with people and running a business.

Also, I’m kind of a “news junkie.” Even though I definitely have my own opinions, I love to hear the debate over issues that confront our daily lives.

My second religion is “studying business.” I am especially interested in entrepreneurial ventures and the successes and failures of “cutting edge” enterprises.

Speaking of religion, my dedication to following Christ and living his values offers a perspective to every moment I’m alive.

Will this new endeavor become more than a personal reflection of the dreams, ideas, concepts, opinions, and experiences floating around in my head? WHO KNOWS?

Until then, I’m just a blogger!


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