Blogs. I’m fairly new to this world. I have had a blog for a couple of weeks. Http:// I have been looking at blogs for at least a year  now and didn’t even know they were blogs. Through e-mail, Facebook, and sites recommended to me, I have been viewing topics, articles, and newsletters without realizing they were blogs.

Joining the world of was one of the easiest thing I have ever done. And it’s FREE! The other day I talked to a friend from high school and his family uses blogs to stay in touch with each other. Whether you are using a blog to get your specific message out, keep up with people, create a place to share ideas, or you just need an ego boost by seeing your thoughts published on the web, blogging is a great communications tool. Facebook is fun, but blogging has the potential for more serious and intimate conversation as you build a following that has an interest in what you have to say.

So start a blog! It can be about a hobby, some business focus or your viewpoint on life or politics. Your blog can offer tips on how to paint a rocker, things to do for fun in Antartica,  or offer viewpoints on why society abandoned the rotary dial on the telephone. Topics and ideas for blogs are as numerous and diverse as the people who could benefit from them. You could end up with a daily blog making you more money in advertising and product sales than you would ever make at your “day” job.


2 thoughts on “Go blogging!

  1. So JIm, I hear you on the idea of the blog, but how do you feel now that you’ve been involved for awhile? Is it satisfying? I have read several entries on several blogs, but rarely comment. That seems to make it one sided for the author. I don’t mean to ignore the writer, I’m just not sure if I have anything worth saying. Maybe I am missing the point of the blog. What if I start a blog and no one ever comments? Is the goal to make money as a blogger? That seems somewhat of a remote possibility for most? Is the idea just to have a forum for “whatever”. I still like the idea, but I am not sure I can justify the time for something very few will read and fewer may respond to…and yet, I am enticed. So, I am curious about a current blogger’s opinion. Just how do you feel about having jumped in? Oh, and thanks for sharing your thoughts – from one of many readers who may not respond, but appreciates your efforts!

    1. Glad to hear from you Elaine. You are the first to respond to my posts. I make some comments on Facebook, but for the most part I just read them. This blogging is so new, I can’t really answer yet. I am enjoying the disciplined effort to get my thoughts into written form.

      Ultimately, I would enjoy my blog growing to a point where I could sell advertising or some products, but for now it is just getting my feet wet.

      I originally thought my blog would be about photography, but so far it has been random thoughts.

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