copyright 2010 Jim Lockman/Click!

After a spectacular performance at the U.S. Figure Skating Champioship, Mirai Nagasu, who had become World Champion at the age of 14, commented, “We don’t have a strong Michelle Kahn or a Christi Yamaguchi to lead us on but I feel that even though we’re young, we have our big dreams to lead us on and that’s what motivates us. Hopefully, we can represent the U.S. well at the Olympics.”

Big dreams? Hard work and a lot of practice are imperative, but big dreams are the stuff success is made of. Dream big today! Don’t let worry about finances, friends and associates that say it will never happen, or the circumstances that surround you,  dissuade you from the accomplishments you have set before you. “Chart your path by the vision in your heart.”

Sometimes our dreams seem far-fetched. But as Howard Schultz, Chairman of Starbucks said,  “Who wants a dream that’s near-fetched?”


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