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For a number of years I have been involved in a small non-profit corporation. I have been on the Board of Directors and have provided photographic services for events, advertising and general documentation of our accomplishments.

In the early days the organization was made up almost entirely of “dreamers.” Dreamers are sometime equated to business entrepreneurs, in that they are idea people. They can see an idea come to life. Napolean Hill once said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

But where we were not entrepreneurial was in the area of securing financing to capitalize the endeavor. For as many years as we have existed, finances were always a problem.

The tendency today is to get government involved. We decided to go that route. Very quickly our dreams were being fulfilled. We were off and running. We were quickly becoming the organization of our dreams.

What happened? Instead of being that “entrepreneurial” organization that slowly but surely put flesh to our ideas and existed primarily out of our will to succeed, we became dependent on government to “take care of us” in a public-private enterprise.

Success was ultimately met with a series of setbacks, as government decided to change the rules and viewed the operation through the eyes of “the common good.” Our group has changed so much it is almost unrecognizable and the vision we once had has all but been squelched.

The great debate in this country is about the role and responsibilities of government. An empowered government not only takes care of your needs, but it can also steal your dreams!


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