One of my recent discoveries is “digital photo books.” I have produced four so far. My first was a large book of photos of my family at the beach. I created a book of some of my portfolio photographs to take with me on customer calls. Last summer I photographed a wedding and we printed three books. Besides the album for the couple, we made two additional books for the parents for Christmas. My latest book is a compilation of photography of apartments built by one of my customers, which I plan to give to them as appreciation for the work they have given me. My ulterior motive is to show them ideas that could lead to creating more books for their sales people or books they can give to their clientele after they finish a project.

For photographers, these books bring the potential source of new revenue. Most of the companies that supply this product offer templates for “dragging and dropping” the images into layouts. Photographers may choose to create their own pages in Photoshop and insert the images as full-bleed” pages. Even if you are not shooting for a living, photo books provide a way to display and archive your personal photos.

Maybe you don’t have thousands of images on your computer as I do, but you have the same challenge of how to show your photos without having to spend on prints or you have more photos than you can display. I get tired of just viewing pictures on the computer screen. And as popular as Facebook and other media are, they don’t provide a long-term quality solution for your creations.

So, go out there and become an author. Publish your own book!


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