As we wrap up this series on “change”, I’m not talking about change for change sake. My desire is for us to realize the business environment is totally different now. What worked for us before, may not work for us in the future. We must find new ways to create our “niche” in the market. Breaking out of our molds and allowing new ideas to emerge are imperative as we rebuild during this economic climate.

Should I photograph children as a new source of revenue? Should I restructure my pricing to better meet my customer’s budget restrictions and offer  creative alternatives? Does the sudden explosion of “You Tube” and other social media open any opportunities for markets I haven’t explored? Can I add value to my work and make increased sales attractive to my existing clientele?

Carl Sewell ran a Cadillac dealership in Dallas, Texas. He broke the norm for dealerships at that time by creating a repair department so clean you could literally eat off of the floor. He added a fleet of loaner Cadillacs, so customers could go about their business while their cars were being repaired. He put his emphasis on repairing cars realizing satisfied customers would buy from him when they needed to purchase a new car. His “out of the box” thinking made him the largest Cadillac dealership in the nation. Sewell became very successful in the car business and shared his business insights in a best-selling book, “Customers for Life.” Today most luxury car dealers offer loaners to their customers!


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