Change the channel.

It seems easy. But the television programs we watch are usually important to us. We can’t wait for the next segment of CSI, NCIS, Bones or House. But we can point the remote at the television the instant House makes us mad and suddenly we’re watching Iron Chef America.

How can change be this easy? We have conditioned ourselves to change the channel and have become accustomed to making this decision instantly. We have been empowered to “change.” We realize we are still in control and change will not hurt us.

Sometimes we need to watch an old black & white movie or some other thoughtless program (HGTV) rather than keep the channel tuned to CNN or Fox News and the stressful  realities being covered.

We can learn to change our way of doing business and maybe find a different channel that offers a perspective we hadn’t thought of before. We just might find the breakthrough we’ve been looking for.


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