A famous preacher once said, “If you want God’s perfect will for your life, you have to be willing to be changed.” If you take away the spiritual emphasis, the message is that success is dependent on being willing to change the way we do things, adapting to the economic times we face and the changing marketplace.

Albert Einstein once defined “insanity” as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

As we plow ahead into a new year full of uncertainty, look for new ways to carry out your business endeavors. You may have to position your products in a different manner. You may have to look at different markets for your services. You may have to restructure your pricing model or even offer different products to the marketplace.

Let’s begin this year with an attitude that we will change whatever is necessary to capture market share and grow our businesses in spite of the conditions we face.

Let’s not be insane!


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